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Advisory Board
  UCLEF extensively invited the U.S. and China experts to be the advisors of the Advisory Board, which provides decision- making advisory opinions on the important issues relating to the development of the foundation. UCLEF advisors are introduced as below (in alphabetical order of the last name):
  • Jacques deLisle Chair of Advisory Board *
  • Franklin Allen (USA)
  • Lining Day (Taiwan)
  • Toni Fine (USA)
  • Mingan Jiang (Beijing, China)
  • Mingxiang Liu (Beijing, China)
  • Peixin Luo (Shanghai, China)
  • Vincent Tat Pang Lian (Hongkong, China)
  • Jian Mi         (Macao, China)
  • Joseph Jude Norton (USA)
  • Xuefeng Peng (Beijing, China)
  • John W. Smagula (USA)
  • William C. Tyson (USA)
  • Baoshu Wang (Beijing, China)
  • Shuyi Wang (Wuhan, China)
  • Qiangang Xiao (Zhengzhou, China)
  • Fusheng Xu (shanghai ,China )
  • Zixuan Yang (Beijing, China)
  • Guoping Zhang                  (shanghai, China)
  • Shunyan Zheng                   (Beijing,China)

Jacques deLisle

Prof. Jacques deLisle is Stephen A. Cozen Professor of Law at University of Pennsylvania, director of the University of Pennsylvania Center for East Asia Studies, director of American Society of Comparative Law, director of Asia Program of Foreign Policy Research Institute, member of National Committee of US-China Relations. Prof. deLisle was once attorney-adviser in Office of Legal Counsel of United States Department of Justice. He was invited to be advisor in Asia policy during Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.


Franklin Allen


Mr. Franklin Allen is Nippon Life Professor of Finance; Professor of Economics, Co-Director of Financial Institutions Center of Wharton Business School of University of Pennsylvania. His Research Areas are Corporate finance; asset pricing; economics of information.
He is the associate editor of Financial Management, former president of American Finance Association; Director of The Glenmede Fund.
His representative publications include Comparing Financial Systems. MIT Press: Cambridge, MA, 2000. ( with D. Gale) ;"Financial Contagion." Journal of Political Economy 108 (2000);"Do Financial Institutions Matter?" ( AFA Presidential Address), Journal of Finance 56 (2001).His Current Projects is Comparison of different countries financial systems; Financial crises.
He obtained his Dphil from University of Oxford in1980; Mphil from University of Oxford in 1979; BA from University of East Anglia in 1977.

Lining Day

Mr. Lining Day is advisor to China Securities Regulatory Commission, an honorary professor in Peking University Law School and Management School and professor of Soochow University, Taiwan.
He was chronologically appointed as director of Banking Division, director of Insurance Division, chair of Taiwan Securities Regulatory Commission, and vice minister of Taiwan Ministry of Finance. He also worked as the chairman of the Board of Bank of Overseas Chinese.
He obtained his LL.B from
Soochow University Law School in 1962, LL.M. from National Taiwan University in 1966, LL.M. from Harvard Law School in 1973.

Toni Fine

Professor Fine is the associate dean and a professor at Fordham University Law School

Mingan Jiang

Ming'an Jiang, Professor of Peking University Law School, dean of PKU Constitutional and Administrative Law Center, dean of Constitution and Administrative Law Central Research Base of humanities and social science invest with the Ministry of Education, Vice President of the Administrative Law Section of Chinese Legal Society and member of the Standing Council of Chinese Supervision Society; attended in advanced studies as a senior visiting scholar in Washington University, Cambridge University, Sydney University and the UCLA of U.S. in 1987, 1990, 1994, and 2000;
He has issued more than fifty books of many kinds, including monographs, translated books, teaching material and reference books such as Administrative Jurisprudence (Shanxi People’s Publishing House:1985), Introduction of Administrative Law (Peking University Press: 1986), Administrative Procedure Law (First ed. published by Peking University Press: 1993; Second ed. published by Law Press: 2007), and Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation Law (Third ed. Published by Peking University Press: 2007), and has published more than a hundred treatises and translated articles: Administrative Discretion and It’s Legal Control, Modernization of Public Administration and Administrative Procedure, Trends of Administrative Law in the New Century, and Public Participation and Administrative Law, for instance.

Mingxiang Liu

Professor Mingxiang Liu is vice dean of People's University of China Law School, managing director of Criminal Law Research Center at People's University, vice chair of Comparative Criminal Law Committee of China Law Society, director of China Prosecution Society.
He has many publications including but not limited to Comparative Studies on Property-Related Crimes, The Theory of Mistake in the Criminal Law, On the Urgent Evasion of Danger, The Theory of Mistake, etc as sole author, and edited, co-authored and translated more than 10 academic books, and published hundreds of articles on the top level journals in his discipline. Prof. Liu has also led several national or provincial research projects, and has been awarded for his excellent research work as well.
He obtained his LL.B degree from Hubei Institute of Finance and Economics (Now Zhongnan University of Economics and Law) in 1983, LL.M degree from Zhongnan Institute of Politics and Law (Now Zhongnan University of Economics and Law ) in 1986, and his SJD degree from law school of Wuhan University in 1994. Prof. Liu visited the University of Tokyo as a visiting researcher and Soka University of Japan as a senior visiting scholar. He was conferred special government allowance by China's State Council due to his outstanding contribution.

Peixin Luo

      Professor Luo is Director of Scientific Research Department of ECUPL, Deputy Dean of Economic Law School of ECUPL, Deputy Director of Commercial Law Society in Shanghai and Senior Consultant to Xinhua Agency. His research areas are Commercial Law, Company Law and Securities Regulation, Corporate Governance in the Transforming Political and EconomicSociety .
He was invited as Speaker to The World Legal Forum at Hague, Netherlands in2007; He is also a Visiting Professor to University of San Francisco, US, 2006-2007;Visiting Professor to D-A University at Pusan, Korea, 2007;Post-doctoral Research Fellow of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences at Beijing, China, 2003-2005;Senior Research Fellow of Haitong Securities Stock Company at Shanghai, China, 2003-2004.He received Leading Scholar Awards from Education Ministry of China, 2007;Top-ten Jurists Awards from Shanghai Law Association, 2006 and many other honors and awards.
His research program are The Comparative Study on Corporate Governance: A Legal Perspective Sponsored by National Philosophy and Social Science Fund of China, 2005-2008; Enhancing the Competitiveness of Chinese Securities Market: A Comparative Approach Sponsored by National Fund of Education Ministry China, 2005-2008 ; The Empirical & Legal Research on Market Abuses of Securities Market in China Sponsored by Shanghai Stock Exchange Fund, 2004-2005; The Debt Work-out For SOEs in China---An Analysis of the Systematic Issues Sponsored by World Bank,2000-2002 ;The Challenge & Amendments of China's Legal System on Securities Market Sponsored by Philosophy and Social Science Fund of Shanghai, 2005-2008
He obtained LL. B.from East China University of Political Science and Law in 1996, LL.M.from East China University of Political Science and Law in 2000, J.S.D from Peking University in 2003.

Vincent Lin

Mr. Lin is currently an Assistant Vice President of the Listing Division of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. He has over 26 years experience in financial services and accounting. He joined the Exchange in December, 1992. In December, 1993, he was seconded (sent) to the London Stock Exchange for 6 months. After coming back to Hong Kong, he worked in the Corporate Finance Department of the Listing Division for a long time. Since February 2005, he has taken the role as a member of the Policy and Support Department after an internal reorganization in the Listing Division. He is also a core member of the newly established China Affairs Team in the Listing Division, which leads the Exchange's liaison efforts with the China Securities Regulatory Commission and other Mainland authorities and also co-ordinates a new program of training seminars and workshops for Mainland enterprises.
Mr. Lin obtained a Bachelor of Laws Degree and a Master of Laws Degree from Peking University in 1992 and 1998 respectively. He is at present a Ph.D. student in laws (Peking University). In addition, he has a post-graduate certificate in Hong Kong Law and a diploma in China Investment & Trade. He is currently an Associate Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, an Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and a Member of the Hong Kong Securities Institute.

Jian Mi

Professor Jian Mi, Dean of Law School of Macao University of Science and Technology, vice chair of Comparative Law Committee of China Law Society, former director of Comparative Law Research Institute at China University of Political Science and Law.

Joseph Jude Norton

  Prof. Joseph Jude Norton holds the James L Walsh Distinguished Faculty Fellowship and Professorship in Financial Law at the School of Law of Southern Methodist University (SMU), where he has been a tenured full Professor of Law since 1981. He is founder and Director of SMU’s Institute of International Financial, Economic and Technology Law and of the reactivated SMU Law Institute of the Americas .He primarily teaches domestic and international business and banking-related courses. He also currently holds Visiting University Professorships at the Peking University Law Faculty and the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. In 1999-2001 he held the Vice Chancellor’s Distinguished University Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong, where he helped co-found the Asian Institute of International Financial Law. He was a Visiting Professor at Soochow University Law Faculty, Taipei.
       He serves currently as a member of the World Bank/IMF Core Consultative Group on their Bank Insolvency Initiative and an academic consultant to the International Association of Deposit Insurers, and having served as an academic consultant to the Latin American Association of Bank Supervisors. He is an elected member of the American Law Institute, of the American College of Commercial Lawyers, and of the International Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law; and he holds the Martindale Hubbell AV (highest professional lawyer) rating. He serves as a Council member of the ABA’s International Law and Practice Section, and as a member of the UK/ICC Banking Committee. He founded and is Exectutive Director of the London (now Global) Forum for International Economic Development Law. He was the Editor-in- Chief on the International Lawyer journal for 14 years; and he is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Law and Business Review of the Americas and of the annual Studies in International Financial, Economic and Technology Law. He is General Editor of four major international book series; and he sits on the Advisory Boards of six international journals. He is considered a leading expert in domestic (US) and international banking and financial law and in financial sector law reform matters.
       He has lectured on banking and finance law and financial sector reform worldwide, and he has published numerous books and articles on related subjects. He has practical experience with international and domestic (US) banking and capital markets transactions, international financial regulatory matters, bank corporate and asset restructuring and asset securitization. His latest book publications are Universalism v. Multilateralism: Policy Challenges for the 21st Century(2004), A New International Financial Architecture: A Viable Approach(2002), Financial Sector Law Reform in Emerging Economies (2001), and Reform of Latin American Banking Systems: National and International Perspectives (2000).
        He obtained his S.J.D from University of Michigan; LL.M. from University of Texas; D.Phil. (Law) from Oxford University; Diplôme (droit privé), Hague Academy of International Law.

Xuefeng Peng

Mr. Xuefeng Peng is the former vice-president of All China Lawyers Association and the founder and senior partner of Dacheng Law Offices, is China Executive Director.

John W.Smagula

Professor John W.Smagula is the Director of Asian Programs at Temple University School of Law, He teaches Legal Reasoning and Legal Research and Writing to International LL.M. students. He is also the principal of Tsinghua- Temple LLM. Program.
As co-director of the Scholarly Roundtable Program, he invites top Chinese law scholars and government officials to Temple to conduct and then present research on aspects of Chinese law presently under revision.
John has both academic and legal practice experience in China. He spent three years as a visiting law professor in China on programs sponsored by the Yale-China Association and Ford Foundation. John taught for one year each at Guangzhou's Zhongshan University, Beijing's Tsinghua University, and Chengdu's Sichuan University.
He earned his B.A. in International Relations in 1992 from Pomona College in Claremont, California, his J.D. in 1995 from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law., and his M.S. in Education (with focus on Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in 2007 summa cum laude from Temple University.

William C. Tyson

Mr. William C. Tyson is Associate Professor of Law School and Wharton Business School of University of Pennsylvania, academic director of FINRA-Wharton Certificate Program. His Research Areas are Securities regulation; taxation; real estate financing and development; corporation law; international business transactions; Soviet law.
He is also faculty advisor of Prison Clinic for Penn Law Public Service Program; consultant of apital Market Board of Turkey and Securities Association of China; Instructor of Securities Industry Institute, Merrill Lynch Investment Banking Institute and Goldman Sachs International Banking Institute
His Representative Publications include The Proper Relationship Between Federal and State Law in the Regulation of Tender Offers, 66 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 241 (1990); Syndicating Low-Income Housing Projects for Capital, 4-1 REAL EST. FIN. J. 44 (1988); Arbitration of Customer-Broker Disputes Arising Under the Federal Securities Laws and RICO, 15 SEC. REG. L. J. 3 (1987) (with N. Brown and R. Shell). The Impact of Proposed Tax Reform on Real Estate Tax Shelters,2-2 REAL. FIN. J. 67 (1986). The Williams Act After RICO: Has the Balance Tipped in Favor of Incumbent Management?, 35 HASTINGS L.J. 53 (1983) (with A. August). The Williams Act After Hanson Trust v. SCM Corporation,61 TUL. L. REV. 1 (1986).
He obtained his J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1970; He obtained his A.B. from Princeton University in1967 .

Shuyi Wang

Professor Shuyi Wang is vice dean of Wuhan University Law School, director of Environment Law Research Institute at Wuhan University which is an important research center of Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, vice chair of Environmental Law Committee of China Law Society, trustee and vice chair of Environmental Law Committee of China Law Society, commissioner of law committee of The China Environmental Protection Federation.
      His representative publications include Russia Zoology law, Wuhan University Press ,2001; Sustainable Development Research on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and Central and Western China, Wuhan University Press, 2004; New Explore On Building New China Urban Community, Wuhan University Press, 2002;Encyclopedia of knowledge on Environmental Law, Chinese Environmental Science Press, 1990.
       He obtained his LLM from Wuhan University Law School in 1987, obtained his JSD from Beijing University Law School in 1999.


Baoshu Wang

Professor Baoshu Wang is the director of Commercial Law Institute at Tsinghua University, former Dean of Tsinghua University School of Law, his research focuses on economic law and commercial law.
He is the standing trustee of China Law Society, chair of Commercial Law Committee of China Law Society, vice chair of Legal Education Committee of China Law Society, commissioner of Academic Committee of China Law Society, commissioner of National LLM Education Advisory Committee, special consultant to The Supreme People's Court of China, vice chair of Beijing Law Society, vice chair of Beijing Social Science Federation, former vice chair of National Institute of Law China, former dean of Tsinghua University School of Law, and National Expert with Outstanding Contributions Awarded by Ministry of Personnel of China.
Prof. Wang's publications include more than 20 monographs as sole author or co-author, and hundreds of articles in the top level journals. His representative publication included but not limited to books such as Reform of Commercial Law and Economic Law in Change, China's Commercial Law, Principles on China's Corporations Law, Principles on Economic Law, and articles, for example, Trends for Principle of Capital Maintenance, Commercial Code: Beyond the Unification and Separation of Civil Law and Commercial Law, On Reform of Limited Liability Corporations, etc.

Qiangang Xiao

Mr. Qiangang Xiao is professor of Zhengzhou University Law School, his research focus on natural resources law, Energy law, Economic law.
He is vice chair of Environmental Law Committee of China Law Society, commissioner of National Higher Education Self- Study Exam Guidance Committee , visiting professor of Peking University Law School, co-instructor for post-doctor at Tsinghua Environmental Economic Energy Research Institute , he is also the visiting professor of several universities in China. He was conferred special government allowance by China’s State Council due to his outstanding contribution.
He led and participated in over ten law-making projects, including Water law of the PRC, Energy Conservation Law of the PRC, Oil Law of the PRC, Mineral Resources Law of the PRC, just name a few.
His representative publications include Economic law, Law press; Natural Resources Law, Law Press, 1992; Energy Law, Law Press, 1996; Economic Law , Peking University Press, 1999; Economic Law, Beijing Business Press, 1995; Economic Law , Higher Education Press, 2002; Research on China’s Environmental resources legal constriction, 1999; Research on China’s fishery management system , 2002. Now Professor Xiao is conducting a US-China cooperative project on legal issues of China’s renewable energy.

Fusheng Xu

Mr. Fusheng Xu is the vice director of Market Supervision Division of Shanghai Stock Exchange

Zixuan Yang

    Mr. Zixuan Yang is Professor of Peking University Law School. he is one of founders of the first Economic Law Institute in China and first Economic Law major in China universities.
Prof. Yang is the advisor to Economic Law Committee of China Law Society, special consultant to The Supreme People’s Court of China, commissioner of Law Committee of National People’s Congress of China, deputy to the Ninth National People's Congress of China, advisor to Beijing Municipal Government. He was conferred special government allowance by China’s State Council due to his outstanding contribution. He is also a registered arbitrator of the China’s International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), and is the Vice Director of the Chinese Association for Civil and Economic Law.
Prof. Yang has many publications including more than 20 monographs and text-books, include General Theory of Economic Law, Principles of Economic Law , Reform on the Chinese Taxation System, Research on Economic Law. International Economic Law, and A New Theory of Economic Law-The Theory of International Coordination. Prof. Yang has also published many academic articles in the national level law journals, for example, the Peking University Transactions, the Journal on Chinese Legal Science, the Journal on Chinese and Foreign Legal Science and the Research on Law and Trade. Prof. Yang’s expertise in the economic law theory, corporations, and international economic law has been widely recognized by the law society and the Government. He was invited to give speeches, lectures, and courses worldwide and actively involved in the discussion, drafting, and research of several key legislations, such as State-Owned Enterprises Law and Corporation Law, etc.
Prof. Yang graduated from Peking University in 1958. He was conferred special government allowance by China’s State Council due to his outstanding contribution.

Guoping Zhang

     Dr. Zhang Guoping is a  senior economist, He serves China Securities Depository and Settlement Corporation Limited, Shanghai Branch as Assistant to General Manager, Chairman of the risk management committee and the technical committee from Sep. 2001.
      He Has an experience of 8 years?? working in the People??s Bank of China, and a relatively deep insight into the monetary policy, foreign exchange administration policy and financial regulations; He also has an experience of 11 years?? working in securities clearing, settlement and registration business, and have made some comparisons among international securities settlement businesses and the relevant  legal basis, and formed some personal ideas concerning the development of China??s securities settlement businesses.
      He obtained his doctor degree of economics from Finance College of  the Middle Southern University of Finance and Law at Dec. 2006.

Shunyan Zheng

Mr. Shunyan Zheng is the associate director of the Empirical Legal Study Center in PKU, and the associate researcher of the China Academic Library & Information System. He is also in charge of the lawyee Ltd.

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